choosing a credit card processor can be overwhelming.

Choosing the right credit card
processor can be overwhelming.

Simple, Fair, Experienced

We make this daunting task a simple process with a seamless transition, so you can focus on doing what you love doing most, building your business!

We pride ourselves on staying true to our clients.

Never raising rates, no cancellation fees, and always striving to exceed your expectations. Questions? You won’t be held on the phone trying to reach a human. We believe humans do the best explaining around here.

Only 41% of Americans say they carry cash and have $25 or less

In today’s modern world of technology,

mostly everything is electronic, including collecting payment for a product purchased and/or services provided. We get it, you’re a busy business owner and the last thing you want to focus on is credit card processing.

What is credit card processing?

Credit card processing is an important part of your business workflow. It is the process of transferring funds from issuing bank (customer’s account) into acquiring bank (merchant’s bank). There are many moving parts behind the scenes of this process. Choosing the right plan for your business is a significant piece to your business growth.

In-Store Payments

Whether you prefer stand alone terminals, POS system, or portable devices, we offer the latest user friendly innovative technology to make the crucial time of a transaction an easy task for you and your customers.

 Credit Cards
 Mobile Payments
 Gift & Loyalty
 ACH & Check


Maximize growth and drive revenue with online payments. In a constantly evolving digital world, online shopping represented 14.3%  of total retail sales in 2018. Up from 12.9% in 2017.


When transferring personal information, especially sensitive data linked to bank accounts, the highest levels of security are a must! That’s why we use tokenization. The most effective way of protection, to provide secure payments and risk management associated with fraud. Learn how to become PCI compliant and virtually eliminate the risk of sensitive data breach.

In addition, our team provides support for chargebacks. With an automated chargeback dispute system, you can rest assured you are in good hands! Our solutions are innovative and integrate with 99% of POS systems and software, tailored to suit your exact needs.

Our solutions are innovative and integrate with 99% of POS systems and software, tailored to suit your exact needs.

Accepting all payment types can increase your business growth by 80%!

Many business owners have queasy feelings when it comes to credit card processing.

You have been bombarded with advertisements, promised the lowest rates, and the best customer service. Only to be let down, stuck in a contract, and left to untangle the mess all alone.

Why do our merchants trust us for decades?

 We are well established and knowledgeable. We have been making card payments smooth sailing for our merchants since 2000.

 We are honest. If you currently have a good deal, we will high five & tell you so!

 We stick around. No need to wonder where the guy with your business info disappeared to.

 We form long-term relationships with our merchants.

 We don’t upsell you on unnecessary equipment. We tailor the solutions to make your daily business operations seamless.

 Customer Support is our Jam!

“I met with Jake and it just made sense. We’ve been with us for 13 years and he’s always been there to answer, day or night”

– Ray